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Scent of Refreshing Bergamot, Juicy Mandarin, Rose, Jasmine, Spicy Saffron, Sandalwood & Vanilla
Um Al Emarate
Rossella Baby Style

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280.00 AED

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Umm Al Emarat perfume is a unique blend of luxurious scents that transport you to a world of luxury and attraction. The fragrance opens with notes of vibrant citrus, refreshing bergamot and juicy mandarin, evoking a feeling of freshness and vitality. As the scent unfolds, a captivating bouquet of delicate floral notes emerge, featuring enchanting rose petals and intoxicating jasmine blossoms. These floral notes are harmonized with a touch of spicy saffron, adding a touch of warmth and excitement to the composition. Finally, the fragrance settles into a seductive base of rich oud, complemented by soft sandalwood and velvety vanilla, leaving a lingering trail of elegance and sensuality.

Umm Al Emarat perfume comes in a wonderful bottle that reflects the greatness of the Emirates. The elegant and sophisticated design displays a radiant golden colour, symbolizing prosperity and luxury. The bottle is decorated with intricate arabesque patterns, reflecting the artistic heritage of the region and attention to detail. Its graceful curves and faceted edges embody the essence of sophistication, making it a true statement piece for any fragrance collection.

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