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Dress with shoulder pleats and made with Organic cotton
V Dress - Free Size
Rosella Baby Style

350.00 AED 350.0 AED 350.00 AED

350.00 AED

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This dress is characterized by its elegant and distinctive design, featuring flowing hand pleats. The dress showcases a loose and flowing silhouette with large pleats that cascade along the hand. The pleats are designed in a way that creates a sense of graceful movement and adds a beautiful touch to the dress.

The dress is crafted from lightweight and draping fabrics such as chiffon or silk, enhancing the movement and fluidity of the pleats. It is available in a variety of colors to choose from.

This dress is a fantastic choice for formal occasions or events, as it offers a perfect blend of elegance, movement, and comfort. It can be paired with stylish accessories and high-heeled shoes to complete the look.

In summary, the dress with flowing hand pleats adds a unique and distinctive touch to the outfit, showcasing movement and elegance. It is an ideal choice for achieving an attractive and radiant look for special occasions.

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