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Size: 36x45x14 cm. Reusable & Recyclable Plastic Bag, Sturdy & Spacious, Made of Premium Quality Eco-Friendly Material
Planthead Jute Tote Bag

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Planthead is encouraging you make environmentally-friendly choices and contribute to maintaining planet’s health by making smart choices. This large jute tote is made from premium-quality material and is designed to be spacious to fit all your essentials.

Promoting eco-fashion is our goal and with this stylish jute handbag you will be able to look your best while safely carrying all the items you need on the go. Perfect for vacations, parties, going to office, college, picnic, grocery shopping, mall shopping, and more.

A reusable and recyclable jute bag for women features super-sturdy handles that allow you to carry this jute storage tote easily without any issue. Jute tote bags with handles are durably built and have a sturdy bottom to ensure they can handle enough load and their structure does not get deformed.

Reusable up to thousands of times and one single jute grocery bag will last you a lifetime eliminating the need to rely on toxic environment-polluting plastic bags that do not degrade and end up in our oceans.

Jute beach tote has minimalist design making it perfect for carrying with you and completing your formal, casual, semi-formal, or fashionable look while having the peace of mind that you are contributing to combat damage to our planet.

Jute market tote can be used as a shopping bag, purse, beach bag, laptop bag, office bag, toddler caddy, and more. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting making these reusable jute bags are a super-smart choice.

A perfect reusable jute shopping bag that will last you for a lifetime!

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