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Anti-Bacterial Soap to Prevent Acne, Rashes, Eczema & Psoriasis, Exfoliate & Rejuvenate the Skin
Patchouli Honey Turmeric Soap
Vintage Bloom

45.00 AED 45.0 AED 45.00 AED

45.00 AED

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Patchouli Honey Turmeric Soap help to even out your complexion as well as your skin tone. It has anti-bacterial properties that help combat acne. It helps prevent rashes and it can help with eczema and psoriasis. It exfoliates and rejuvenates skin. It evens out skin pigment for a smoother skin tone. Reduce any kind of inflammation (breakouts, rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation).

NOTE: Grams/Weight may vary from 120 grams to 140 grams due to Manual Cutting

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