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Floral design sleeves, embroidered lace with unique patterns. Made of Organic Cotton/Polyester blend.
Lace Dress - Free Size
Rosella Baby Style

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280.00 AED

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A lace dress with hand and shoulder is an elegant and distinctive piece. It stands out with its vibrant and bright orange color that catches attention. The dress is adorned with beautiful lace detailing on the hand and shoulder, adding a delicate feminine touch.

The design features a modest and medium-length cut, making it suitable for various occasions. The dress has a wrapped silhouette that elegantly accentuates the figure. It may also feature intricate details such as embellishments or cascading floral accents from the shoulder or sleeves.

Additionally, the dress can showcase a variety of fabric options, including delicate lace or embroidered lace with unique patterns, adding a touch of uniqueness and luxury.

Overall, the orange lace dress with hand and shoulder is an attractive and stylish piece, perfect for special occasions or events that call for a graceful and alluring appearance.

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