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Dress with High-quality fabrics such as Silk, Chiffon & Organic cotton/Polyester blend
Gathering Dress - Free Size
Rosella Baby Style

280.00 AED 280.0 AED 280.00 AED

280.00 AED

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This dress features a unique design with full-length pleats that extend throughout the entire dress, creating an elegant and refreshing look. The pleats give the dress a flowing and voluminous texture, adding movement and allure.

The sleeves are adorned with two layers, with the upper part consisting of a base layer and an additional layer that adds extra dimensions to the sleeves. These layered sleeves create a wonderful tiered appearance and provide a unique aesthetic touch.

High-quality fabrics such as silk, chiffon, or lace are used to execute the dress, imparting a luxurious and refined look. The soft and lightweight fabrics enhance the beauty of the pleats and contribute to their smooth movement.

This dress is an excellent choice for formal occasions or events, combining elegance, beauty, and a distinctive design. It will captivate attention and showcase your elegance and charm at any gathering.

In summary, the dress with full pleats and two-layered sleeves is a unique and stylish piece that adds a captivating touch to your outfit.

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