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Colorful Dress with Unique Design & made of high quality Fabric
Colorful Dress - Free Size
Rosella Baby Style

330.00 AED 330.0 AED 330.00 AED

330.00 AED

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Your crepe dress features vertical pleats in the colors of pink, yellow, and navy blue. The dress is made of high-quality crepe fabric and boasts a unique and stylish design. The vertical pleats run along the entire length of the dress, adding a visually appealing touch. The dress showcases beautiful and refreshing color gradients, including a soft and feminine pink, a vibrant and lively yellow, and a deep and elegant navy blue.

The dress may have a wrapped silhouette that accentuates the figure and highlights its beauty. It might feature a simple and elegant neckline, such as a round or plunging neckline, to add a touch of femininity and allure to the dress.
Additional details like patterns, floral motifs, or beading may adorn the dress, enhancing its beauty and adding a unique touch of elegance. The dress may have a wide and flowing skirt that allows for freedom of movement and adds charm while walking.

This dress is perfect for special occasions and evening events, as it will catch attention with its vibrant colors and unique design. You will feel confident and elegant when wearing this stunning dress, becoming the center of attention at any event you attend.

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