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Comfortable, Soft & Breathable Cotton Fabric Dress made of Organic Cotton/Polyester blend
Butterfly Dress - Free Size
Rosella Baby Style

120.00 AED 120.0 AED 120.00 AED

120.00 AED

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A tidy dress in yellow with black, made from soft and breathable cotton fabric, effortlessly combines style and comfort. Its vibrant yellow color exudes an air of cheerfulness, while the carefully integrated black accents add a striking contrast and visual intrigue. The clean lines and polished silhouette of the dress showcase a sense of neatness and refinement, enhanced by the graceful drape of the cotton fabric. Whether for casual outings or more formal occasions, this versatile dress can be easily dressed up or down. The combination of the lively yellow hue and the natural texture of cotton creates a visually captivating and comfortable ensemble that is sure to turn heads.

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