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Scent of Refreshing Citrus, Floral, Base of Woods & Sensuous Musk
Al Fawah Perfume
Rossella Baby Style

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200.00 AED

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Al Fawah Perfume is a captivating scent that harmoniously blends the notes to captivate your senses. It starts with a burst of citrus invoking a feeling of freshness and vitality. As it evolves delicate petals of flowers emerge gracefully infusing the air with a floral bouquet. Finally it settles into a base of woods and sensuous musk that leaves behind an irresistible trail.

The allure of AL Fawah Perfume extends beyond its captivating aroma. Encased in an elegant bottle design it epitomizes sophistication and timeless beauty. Adorned with patterns and gilded accents the bottle exudes luxury and refinement. Its minimalist shape and clean lines make it an exquisite addition, to any perfume collection.

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