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Old Syufi Dehn Al Oud (3ml) + Hindi Khas Moattag (3ml)
Aged Dehn Oud Package
Nagwah House Of Oud

600.00 AED 600.0 AED 600.00 AED

600.00 AED

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Old Syufi Dehn Al Oud (3ml)

  • (Special production in 2000 AD) with more than 24 years old of age
  • It has a sweet flavor that spreads far and has very high stability on the skin.
  • Limited quantity and will not be repeated

Hindi Khas Moattag (3ml)

  • An Aged Private Indian Dehn Al Oud (special production in 2002) more than 22 years old
  • A specially cooked Indian Dehn Al Oud using Oud from the luxurious Indian forests of Nagaland , it has a sharp formal flavor to it at the beginning, and when it calms down, it tends to a sharply sweet flavor.

Spreads far with high stability.

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